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Please find a downloadable version of the Behavioral Expectations for Peterson Regional Medical Center here.


Behavioral Expectations

I put the patient and family at the center of all I do

  • I seek opportunities to authentically connect with patients and families. I make eye contact, smile and speak to others; I allow patients or guests to proceed ahead of me; I escort guests to their destination.
  • I address the patient, the patient's family members and physicians by their preferred name; I communicate with patients on their level, refrain from using medical jargon, and respect cultural and religious preferences.
  • I thank customers for waiting and apologize for the delay without blaming another person or department; I give periodic updates. I tell the customer what to expect; I explain in advance any discomfort the procedure may cause.;
  • Prior to leaving a patient's room, I ask if there is anything else I can do for them; I always check with patients before I leave the area during or at the conclusion of shift;
  • I acknowledge call lights within 5 minutes or less; when passing an unanswered call light, I ask the patient, 'How may I help you?'

I am present and available

  • I focus my whole self on the patient, the patient's family member or co-worker; I stop what I am doing and give the customer my full attention.
  • If the phone rings while I am with a customer, I courteously place the caller on hold and continue to respond to the customer.
  • I answer phones promptly; I place customers on hold only when necessary and after receiving permission and return to them every 30 seconds with a status report;
  • I am at work when scheduled
  • I pitch in and am willing to work when and where needed and/or take call.

I am accurate and careful in my work

  • I report unsafe practices/situations to the proper persons with the goal to create and maintain a safe healing environment.
  • I am accurate and timely on a consistent basis, with very few errors or complaints from customers or teammates.
  • I knock before entering a patient room; I wait for a response before entering; I close curtains and doors during procedures and when privacy is needed; I provide the right size gown.
  • I discuss patient and staff information in private; I follow HIPAA guidelines and maintain confidentiality of information on work-related subjects.
  • I follow service recovery procedures immediately upon discovery of an error or complaint.

I continuously learn, grow and improve

  • I support evidence based practice and keep up with advances related to my role.
  • I precept or train new employees, or students, participate in New Employee Orientation or on-boarding
  • I am involved in P.I.Ts, DITs or U.P.C. teams
  • I suggest useful ideas for improving work processes and remain engaged and part of the conversation even when the topic is difficult.
  • I practice personal leadership by choosing to role model expected behaviors even if those around me do not.
  • I am invested in developing and enhancing knowledge, skills, and behaviors which I need to stay current and effective in my role.

I actively contribute to a healthy work environment

  • I accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with every member of the team.
  • I practice caring, commitment and collaboration and do not engage in bickering, backbiting or blaming.
  • I always communicate with care, speaking calmly, clearly and courteously. I am respectful to everyone, never rude.
  • I remain open to new ideas, viewpoints, and talents; I value diversity represented in our workforce.
  • I am supportive of team members; I recognize the value and potential of each person and have regard for others' areas of expertise and affirm their contribution to the quality of our work.
  • I do not complain about another team member; I am committed to finding solutions to problems; I talk to team members promptly if I have a problem with them.
  • I understand that patients require rest and do not contribute to hospital noise.
  • I use email wisely; I rely on personal contact when possible and respond promptly.

I am flexible and adapt to change

  • I realize that change is inevitable if we are to remain competitive and continue to improve.
  • I view change as an opportunity for growth and focus on the positive.
  • I adapt to change by remaining flexible, organized, and proactive, and do not overreact.
  • I support and contribute to improvement efforts.
  • I make helpful suggestions and pitch in to overcome obstacles rather than complaining about them.
  • I do not rely on or repeat rumors. I suspend judgement, do not make assumptions and seek to understand.

I am qualified and capable

  • Co-workers and patients feel comfortable asking me for help.
  • I adhere to the dress code policy; my attire is tasteful, professional, neat and well groomed and I wear my photo ID above the waist at all times while on duty.
  • I accept responsibility for assigned duties within scope and personal ownership for allocated tasks.
  • I exercise thoughtful decision making and take action within my scope of control.
  • I do not hold grudges and remember that human error is an opportunity for forgiveness and growth.

I efficiently manage resources

  • I demonstrate a sense of personal ownership in PRMC
  • I maintain the equipment and buildings as if they were my own
  • I utilize supplies in a prudent manner without excessive waste.
  • I keep work areas clean, neat and orderly.
  • I do not conduct lengthy personal calls while on the job.
  • I do not spend non-work related time on the internet or use social media while on the job.
  • I manage my time well, clocking in and out on time.

You are not required to provide information regarding your criminal background as part of this Employment Application. However, if you progress to a later stage of the application process, you will be required to provide complete information on your criminal background and successfully complete a criminal background check before any offer of employment will can be made.


Job Application: Applications will only be accepted for specific job positions and will be considered active for six months following their submission. If applicants wish to be further considered after this time period, or for a job position not listed on this application, they must submit a new application.

Post-Offer/Pre-Hire Medical Examination: All applicants who accept designated positions with Peterson Regional Medical Center will be required to successfully complete a post-offer/pre-hire physical examination. Failure to satisfactorily meet or complete the specific requirements of the examination may result in your disqualification for the position and withdrawal of any conditional job offer.

Drug Testing: All applicants extended a conditional job offer will be asked to submit to testing for the current illegal use of drugs. Any applicant who declines to consent or submit to testing, or who produces a positive test result for the illegal use of drugs, will not be further considered for employment.

Background Investigation: When you sign this job application, you authorize Peterson Regional Medical Center to seek and obtain information regarding your suitability for employment. All factors which are job related may be investigated (e.g., previous employment, educational credentials, driving record (if the position you are seeking requires driving as an essential function), and criminal record). The information obtained may be used to determine your eligibility for employment in accordance with equal employment opportunity guidelines. If Peterson Regional Medical Center requests a background check/criminal history under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a separate notice will be provided regarding that investigation and written authorization will be required as a consideration for employment.




I verify that all of the information on this application and on resumes and exhibits submitted to Peterson Regional Medical Center is true, correct, and complete. I have not omitted any information sought by Peterson Regional Medical Center.   I understand that any false, misleading, incomplete or omitted information on this application or in resumes and exhibits submitted to Peterson Regional Medical Center will result in ineligibility for employment or termination of employment, whenever discovered.

I understand that this application is not a job offer or employment contract with Peterson Regional Medical Center. The employment relationship between Peterson Regional Medical Center and applicants hired for employment is at-will.

Applicants hired by Peterson Regional Medical Center must complete a Federal I-9 form and provide verifying documentation of their legal right to reside and work in the United States.

I hereby release previous employers/related sources from any legal liability for information they provide regarding my suitability for employment.

If employed, I will comply with Peterson Regional Medical Center policies, rules and procedures.