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Precision at its best!

Peterson Regional Medical Center is the only Hill Country Hospital to feature the da Vinci® Surgical System, a technologically advanced alternative to traditional open or laparoscopic surgeries.  
Rapid road to recovery with state-of-the-art technology

Looking for a Provider to determine if da Vinci® is right for you?
Click the names below to learn more about each of our certified surgeons.

For Gynecology:

Sana Jamerson, MD
Kerri Truelock, MD
Melissa Wampler, MD
Elizabeth Wilfong, DO

For Urology:

Ralph Fritzsch, MD
Michael Speck, MD


Instead of using a long, traditional incision to open the surgical site, surgeons at Peterson are skilled at using the da Vinci® Surgical System, needing only to make small incisions into which they guide three thin stainless steel probes guided by the da Vinci surgical robotic arms, controlled by our highly skilled physicians. One rod is fitted with a camera that shows the surgeon a detailed three-dimensional view of the operation through the viewing console. The camera is operated by a highly trained surgical team leader. The other two hold the delicate surgical instruments the surgeon uses to dissect the site being operated on, using the precision controls that move in perfect synchronization by the surgeon's hands.

Smaller incisions mean less trauma surrounding the tissue which translates into reduced hospital stays. In most cases, patients go home in a day or two from a robotic procedure, half the time required for a traditional surgery.

Better yet, robotic surgery speeds up recovery time, reduces post - operative infection risks, and lets patients return to their normal daily activities far sooner.

Is da Vinci® Surgical System right for you?  Talk to your doctor or click Robotic Surgery for more information.